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Our company and our brand-name 'Click!' was established in 2001 with the start of our production of remanufactured
tonercartridges in our factory in Vietnam. The company and factory are European owned and managed. Early 2002 we added
remanufactured inkjetcartridges to the programme and in 2003 we completed our product-range with compatible
inkjetcartridges. Export to Europe was started in the 2nd half of 2003 with the establishment of our own warehouse in Germany.
The company's mission has been from the start to produce a true quality product which is absolutely comparable to the
OEM-products in all aspects such as reliability and printing performance.

From the start we have focussed on product quality without compromise. This has resulted in a production process, quality
control system and, more important, product quality and stability we are proud of. Although more than satisfied with what we
make today, we continuously keep looking for opportunities to even furhter improve our products.

In the end only one thing matters though : what do you, our customer, think about it ? And for this there is only one way to know :
try our product. Just contact us at one adresses below.